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Harald Wessbecher | Duration: 42 minutes | Category: DHS Consciousness Exercises – Extrasensory Perception



Harmonizing, three-dimensional sound patterns and gentle music lead you in your own rhythm, into a state of deep, physical and mental relaxation. Your consciousness can free itself from identification with the body and experience its sovereignty. Your body will balance and regenerate in this state, your consciousness will open up to receive impulses from your intuition, and your perception can expand into the extrasensory realm.

This exercise is based on sound only and has no language.


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Audio sample:


Important technical note:
To experience the full effect of this meditation, we recommend the use of stereo headphones as this is the only way that the sound technology with Dynamic Hemispheres Synchronisation can be experienced in its most potent form. It leads to the balancing of the cerebral hemispheres, stimulates the self-healing powers, harmonizes, and thus facilitates, the immersion into the meditation. Through in-ear headphones, headphones with active ambient noise filtering, and wireless headphones, this effect is lost just as much as through compression or transcoding (such as MP3, WMA, AAC). Compression cuts out frequency ranges that are not audible to our ears and, therefore, impairs the success of the exercise.

Note: Please make sure that your computer does not automatically compress this file into mp3 format. This will affect the success of the exercise.