DHS Consciousness Exercises

DHS Consciousness ExercisesSound technology with Dynamic Hemispheres Synchronisation

The DHS sound technique has very special frequencies and rhythms that can create certain states of consciousness such as alpha, theta and delta waves in our brain. Brain waves are electrical activities that are generated in the brain itself by electrochemical discharges and can be measured by means of electrodes on the scalp. Brain wave measurements (EEG = Electroencephalography) clearly show how much balancing effect the three-dimensional sound patterns and harmonizing sound pulses have on our brain activity and on our consciousness, thoughts and feelings as well.

This is for our ears, when we listen to a DHS Consciousness Exercise, not fully audible, but noticeable to our body, our brain, therefore the hemisphere synchronization. We relax and more is possible for our consciousness than it would be in the normal beta wave state, in the normal waking state.

In today’s world, we are under great physical and mental strain, performance is demanded, time is scarce, there is hardly any room for feelings and rest. In this state of constant tension, our body can only recover with difficulty and our mental abilities cannot develop. Our left hemisphere of the brain is overused, large parts of our brain are not used at all. Through harmonization of brain activity and profound physical relaxation we regain access to our unused physical and mental potential.


Harald Wessbecher about his DHS Consciousness Exercises:

“The special thing about my DHS Consciousness Exercises is that they rush. But they don’t rush somehow, they rush in a certain way. When you listen to them with headphones, the two hemispheres of the brain are synchronized. And the individual tones, which are hidden behind the sounds, cause certain patterns of beta, alpha, theta and delta waves to develop, which are always such that the exercise goal on the respective CD is easier to achieve. You know for sure, that for every mental action there is a corresponding pattern in the brain.

Beta waves are quite fast waves, between 13 and 30 hertz. These are waves that come in when we concentrate, when we are in the past, when we remember, when we calculate something. These are beta waves.

Alpha waves are between 8 and 12 hertz. These are waves that occur when we relax, when we no longer think logically, when reason fades out and a kind of associative fantasy current flows. That is the wave of imagination. The wave of ideas. The wave of intuition. That is alpha.

Theta-, Delta waves are correspondingly deeper, between 4 and 8 hertz and between 0 and 4 hertz. These are waves when we go deeper into relaxation, towards sleep.

Now I have found out, a long time ago, that when I want to reshape my consciousness, or when I want to bring ideas to the surface from deep within the consciousness, that it is beneficial to synchronize the brain waves. Normally, our brain hemispheres are used rather one-sidedly. Sometimes this or that field is active in the brain, or the brain waves are active differently in the brain hemispheres and there is a confusion in the brain that cannot work synchronously. When it is synchronized, our potential is free.

The second thing I have observed: If it is possible to go near the sleeping point with a synchronized brain, that is a certain mixture of little beta, a lot of alpha and neat theta and delta in it, simply said. If that succeeds, then I find it enormously easy to see things as they really are, on the outside as well as on the inside. That’s what I’ve tried to do in my exercises, regardless of the subject, to achieve a state through the technique that helps us to reach the respective exercise goal so much more easily than it would be possible without this technical support. Of course, nobody needs DHS Consciousness Exercises, that’s clear. But what I want to say is: with this technical support, listened through headphones, you will be surprised how easily certain things are achievable, as an exercise goal.

For example, on some exercises there is a DHS sound technology that brings you next to your almost falling asleep state, sometimes even slightly above it. But at that state, when I ask you questions, you don’t have to ponder over them, you only have to listen and stay in relaxation, I ask them for you and then, as if by magic, real views come up about how your day really has been. How you really have been. What you really have set in motion. And that is much more real than if you are awake, with a lot of beta parts, and you just think about the day and then you have some illusion about how you might have been.

People often have illusions about how they are, what they can do, where they stand. And these illusions do not correspond to reality. They are formed by projection, by inner images, by other things, but not by perception. At the almost falling asleep state, projections and assumptions dissolve and become real perception, which makes it much easier to see where I actually stand. That’s the point of the DHS Consciousness Exercises, just to mention that.

Source: Seminar “Recognizing time windows” with Harald Wessbecher, Wolfhausen 2012

Sense and effect of the sound technique on the DHS Consciousness Exercises:

  • For a faster and easier success in the exercises, all DHS Consciousness Exercises are provided with a special sound technique that on the one hand blocks out environmental stimuli and on the other hand has such a harmonizing effect on our brain that we can easily find our way into the various working states of our consciousness and make full use of their possibilities.
  • The sound technique for the exercises is based on a combination of different stereo frequencies, sounds that seem to flow through the head in harmonic movements, relaxing and synchronizing the right and left hemispheres of the brain in their electrical activities and stimulating them to work at a steady pace.
  • In addition, a combination of multiply modulated, stereo-recorded single tones is used, which, depending on their combination and modulation, specifically support certain brain activities and facilitate the development and use of the perceptive and creative abilities of our consciousness.
  • These binaural sound signals are played into the basic sound patterns so quietly that they are barely audible, but for this very reason they support those basic sound patterns very effectively.
  • It is useful to listen to all DHS Consciousness Exercises while lying down. The sound technique works best through headphones that cover the ears. It facilitates a holistic and deep relaxation of body and mind in which our consciousness can become still and clear (In principle, listening via stereo speakers is also possible, although these would have to be very close to the ear so that the sound does not mix so much in the room).
  • Once our consciousness has become quiet, we can find the corresponding states of perception and work (electrical brain activity) that are necessary for achieving the respective exercise goals much more easily and quickly then would be possible without technical support. These states range from the highest concentration, in which we can specifically direct our powers of consciousness, to the complete clarity and stillness of our consciousness, in which we find access to the deep levels of ourselves, to the sources of intuition and inspiration.
  • The sound technique creates an optimal environment in which disturbing peripheral influences are neutralized. It thus helps us to come into contact more easily with the different levels of our consciousness, but the targeted development and use of our consciousness powers can only be achieved through constant practice.
  • At some point, the sound support provided by the DHS Consciousness Exercises will become superfluous during practice and we will be able to reach the aspired levels of consciousness through our memory of them alone. But to do this, of course, we must first have clearly experienced and consciously used them beforehand.
  • The technique is to be understood as a helpful support that brings us faster and easier to the desired practice goals, but of course it cannot take away the independent practice and development of our consciousness forces. This is a good thing, because we do not want to become dependent on it.

Important notes on the DHS Consciousness Exercises for the biggest and fastest possible success of the exercise:

Please observe the symbols noted in the respective DHS Consciousness Exercises when applying them:

The DHS Consciousness Exercises should always be listened with headphones. Theheadphones are designed (those that cover the whole ear) to target in a concentrated way the sensitive ear reflex points that reflect all our organs and our whole body, thus stimulating our body and consciousness in an increased and targeted way. The sound is concentrated on the listener and does not get lost in space.

Noise-absorbing headphones also cut out various signals, as this can be the case with wireless headphones, where additional signals (e.g. Bluetooth) can play a role. With in-ear headphones, the range concentrates on what is only audible, perceptible to our consciousness, recordable and processable. Various effective forces are faded out here and thus the mode of action is limited.

Please note: Compression, e.g. MP3, WMA, AAC, cuts out frequency ranges, absorbes highs and lows, and thus reduces the sound signals to the audible range only. The actual areas that are important for the effect of these recordings are also the non-audible signals. And these in turn appeal to the sensitive consciousness of the body. Therefore, with compression, an effect is not possible and therefore not guaranteed. Headphones are of no use here either.

Work exercises:

In a deep state of physical and mental relaxation, a conscious access to the perceptive and formative forces of our consciousness is established. Previously unconscious contents (for example, goals, abilities, longings, possibilities) can come to light, which we can deal with in a targeted way; or shaping energies (feelings, thoughts and inner images) can be anchored there in order to consciously and successfully shape our lives from within.

You should listen to this exercise once a day for at least 21 consecutive days for an intensive imprint on your subconscious, so that you become familiar with them. After that, you can listen to them as often as you like, depending on how big the need is. If formative energies are to be intensively set in motion (for example, healing, creating life), daily listening for 21 days (and then as often as you like) is particularly useful.

After 21 days or so, the new ideas begin to take on a momentum of their own and it then only takes occasional listening to maintain or even increase the intensity again.

When listening to working exercises, you should remain as awake as possible, but relaxed. In the sleep state they only work through the subconscious if you are already familiar with the contents or if it is a passive working exercise (look at eye symbol).

Idea or inspiration exercises:

Also in this state of deep physical and mental relaxation, access to our unconscious layers opens up, where new contents of consciousness (ideas or inspiration) can be firmly anchored with great intensity.

The language in these exercises is deliberately chosen quietly so that the new contents can slide past the strongly historically influenced reason into the subconscious. Consciously wanting to understand and raising the volume when listening is therefore not useful and can even make it more difficult to anchor the new content intensively.

These exercises are for inspiration and should be done 1 – 2 times a week. When listening to idea/inspiration exercises, you should remain as awake as possible, but relaxed. In the sleep state they only work through the subconscious if you are already familiar with the contents or if it is a passive idea/inspiration exercise (look at eye symbol).


Harald Wessbecher’s DHS Consciousness Exercises and meditations, developed after extensive research, are based on the following elements:

Sound frequencies (1) that merge into three-dimensional patterns in the mind, sound pulses that harmonize our brain activity, music (2)that liberates our feelings and gentle linguistic guidance create a deep mental relaxation in which our unconscious potential is released and the respective exercise goals are more easily achieved.

Brain wave measurements (EEG) clearly show how much balancing effect the three-dimensional sound frequencies and harmonizing sound impulses have on our brain activity and thus on our consciousness, thoughts and feelings.

(1) Sound frequencies by Hartmut Heinze
(2) Music by Ronald Lange