The DES method

DES method (DES = Dynamic Unfolding of the Self) is a practical and easy-to-learn method to rediscover our hidden abilities and possibilities and to make them available for a more intensive, successful and healthy shaping of our live.

It is based on the realization that each human being is more than his personal history. Each human being has an essence with superior abilities, longings and needs that are just waiting to be discovered and developed.

The Essence Psychology, developed by Harald Wessbecher, conveys, among other things, the energetic laws of our consciousness, and the DES method makes them tangible and experiencable for each human being, regardless of previous knowledge and without any preconditions. It helps us to step out of the imprints of our past, to feel our true self again and, through the power of our feelings and thoughts, we guide our lives actively and purposefully in such a way that an echo is created outside and we attract into our lives what corresponds to our true nature.

Mental conciousness exercises are playing a major role in this, which everyone can apply alone at their own rhythm and without any additional effort. These are for example:

  • Questions to yourself
  • Self-knowledge through vigilant self-observation
  • Spiritual exercises to learn to feel our being more strongly and to understand its impulses through the channel of intuition
  • Energetic exercises to create our feelings and thoughts actively and to direct our perceptions – in order to attract into our lives what corresponds to us

Not only do problems dissolve more quickly as a result, but there is also more space for joy and intensity in life. DES mentors can accompany these processes in a completely free, free-flowing and individually tailored way. Accompanying tools are meditative CDs with DHS sound technique, literature on basic life topics (see online shop) as well as lectures and seminars by certified DES mentors

Harald Wessbecher (1954 – 2015) explored the perceptive and formative abilities of our consciousness since his childhood and had an extraordinary talent: He could directly see the energy field of a person and interpret how the person thinks, what he feels, whether he lives his basic personality and which potentials he has. Over many decades he observed the energetic laws of our consciousness and consistently made these findings available and usable for other people as the DES method.