About Dynamis

Harald Wessbecher:
„Many people have asked me: Technology and spirituality, can this go well together?
My answer was: Of course. Spirituality is the understanding of the divine potential,
and technology is a part of it.”

Thomas Müller:
„Having respect for a person’s free will means to generously  allow everyone to follow his own path.
Each person has the freedom to express himself as he believes it is right,
because every human being is unique.”




Harald Wessbecher (1954 – 2015) has published 12 books during his 35 years of seminar work and has developed over a hundred Consciousness Exercises with Dynamic Hemispheres Synchronisation (DHS) on his books and seminar topics.

The DHS Consciousness Exercises were developed as practical tools for an independent implementation of the seminar contents and the book topics. They make it easier for people to independently “keep at it”, to deeply internalize the topics and to bring in a lasting change in their own lives.

There are also about thirty lecture CDs on important topics of daily life as well as on deep spiritual contents which makes it easier to get started and to get to know the books.

The topics that Harald Wessbecher has talked about in his books and seminars over the past 35 years are manifold. In the area of practical life design, there were themes such as relationships & friendship, professional success, discovering one’s own basic personality, finding longings and life goals, fulfilling desires and much more. The more profound seminars revolved around topics such as extrasensory perception, consciousness training, holistic health & healing, lucid dreaming and the connection to the divine field. He called his holistic approach “Dynamic Unfolding of the Self”, or briefly said “DES”.

On the basis of Harald Wessbecher’s great knowledge and personal experiences the “Academy of Essential Psychology” has been created and between 2012 and 2015 he has trained around one hundred people to become DES mentors (www.akademie-wesenspsychologie.net).


Harald Wessbecher’s DHS Consciousness Exercises are a special treasure. In years of research, already in the nineties, he developed in collaboration with the company Project Electronic (Hartmut Heinze) the Dynamic Hemispheres Synchronisation (DHS). This special sound technique makes it possible to specifically induce certain states of consciousness (working states) and to use them for the exercise goal you want to achieve. The synchronisation of the brain hemispheres has a harmonizing effect on the entire organism and helps to regenerate and relax. DHS Consciousness Exercises are developed in such a way that they help us either to anchor certain themes deeply in the subconsciousness or to bring contents of consciousness from deeper layers into our waking consciousness (for example, our original longings and desires). They can in turn be used to practice certain skills more easily or to initiate a process of cognition.

All DHS Consciousness Exercises were originally developed to give the seminar participants a practical tool for independent training. Occasionally, DHS Consciousness Exercises were also published in order of accompanying Harald’s books in the Dynamis Seminare & Verlag.  


Dynamis Verlag was founded to make this incomparable treasure of practical tools accessible to everybody in order that an independent personal development is possible at any time.

This is important because, how fast is someone inspired by the topics at a seminar, many things seem possible and feasible, new visions emerge and people are going home elated, convinced by having “flipped the switch” and being able to approach many things differently than before. But what happens at home? Often the euphoria lasts only for a short time and all too soon old habits take hold again. “Staying on track” proves to be more difficult than expected! How do I stay awake and alert in everyday life? How do I not only know things in my head but also put them into practice every day? How can I change something permanently out of myself?

With our publishing program, we would like to help people “staying tuned” and offer knowledge content and possibilities that support them on their way to more freedom, joy, contentment and happiness.

In addition to the books and CDs, Dynamis also organizes seminars with Thomas Müller, in which the DHS Consciousness Exercises CDs are used.


Many people could live happier if they knew more about themselves and about the laws of life, and if they knew ways to put their knowledge into practice. Knowledge in itself can be very exciting, but it is often speculative and does not always cause personal development. There is nothing sweet or detached about personal development, nor is it a luxury for unworldly or bored people. Rather, it is a practical path to a life that is exciting, successful and intense.

Respect for a person’s free will means allowing everyone his own path. Every person has the freedom to express himself as he thinks it is alright, because every person is unique. The offer of Dynamis is a path that has been experienced as effective and successful due to personal experience and has been developed over many years of successful seminar work, counselling and training. Therefore it is a practical path towards a life that is exciting, successful and intense.