About Thomas Müller

Thomas Müller puts his whole heart into offering Harald Wessbecher’s incomparable treasure of practical tools to people via the Dynamis publishing house for independent personal development.

Out of appreciation for Harald Wessbecher’s ingenious abilities, his work, his contents, which reach into all areas of human life, we have kept this publishing house alive. We want to honor his spiritual legacy and make it accessible to a larger audience.

Thomas Müller: “It is a great ambition of mine to offer the DHS Consciousness Exercises not only to the participants of my seminars, but all people should have the opportunity to open and expand their consciousness with them. These frequencies of consciousness are easy to apply, they are highly effective, just as they were mixed by Harald. They will continue to exist, even if the technical conditions will change. I have decided to continue to distribute his legacy, to revitalize it and to support it with an expert advice from our DHS partners, so that our clients feel competently cared for.


The DHS Consciousness Exercises have a supporting, invigorating, consciousness-opening effect, no matter what profession you are in, what individual development you are going through, in your life, your family, your environment, whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, these exercises are applicable to everyone and everywhere.

I am very interested in inspiring other people who have not listened to their heart enough so far, and in helping them to gain more energy. It is my great passion to accompany people on their path to themselves and to a fulfilled life, whether that is in my seminars or in spreading Harald’s spiritual work.”