About Harald Wessbecher

Since his childhood, Harald Wessbecher (1954 – 2015) explored the formative and perceptive abilities and possibilities of human consciousness in consciousness journeys and out-of-body experiences. Not only in scientific institutes, but also for the police and mountain rescue as an assistant in the search for missing persons, he demonstrated the practical applicability of such abilities.

He had a great longing to thoroughly explore being and human consciousness, life and its laws, but not only for his own sake. He also wanted to be able to use his experiences and insights to live intensively and actively deal with his life, like an architect who lets his designs take shape. He wanted to become free to shape his life as he wanted and as it suited him. He also longed to tell other people about his path and offer them inspiration and tools to find their own way by learning to look beyond the surface.


“Everything is possible, everything is changeable.”


Those who bundle their creative, reality-shaping powers and direct them in a targeted way, possess the key to being able to live healthily, successfully and intensively. Those who learn again to open their perception to the extra-sensory realm of reality and immerse themselves in the larger dimensions of their own self, experience a deeper understanding of our true nature and the laws according to which our reality is formed.

From his own experiences, Harald Wessbecher developed a consistent method for the development of our unused powers of consciousness. He called it the “Dynamic Unfolding of the Self”, or “DES” for short. This practical method helps us to step out of the influences and imprints of our past and to feel our actual being again. We learn to discover the abilities and possibilities we have brought with us and to use them in a targeted way to shape our lives freely and purposefully in the present. We then no longer need to wonder what the future might bring, we can consciously shape it ourselves.

In order to simplify the practical application of his “DES method” in everyday life, Harald Wessbecher has described concrete steps on various topics in his books with exercises that are easy to internalise by means of the DHS consciousness exercises. They are provided with a special sound technique that achieves a natural synchronisation of the brain hemispheres when listening to stereo and thus greatly facilitates access to our deep subconscious levels. The abilities, energies and information hidden there are thus made amazingly easy to call up, change and use.

Through his work, Harald Wessbecher wanted to show again and make it possible to experience that the human being is in his core a magical being with enormous abilities that only need to be developed. Everyday problems can thus be solved more easily and more space for joy, love and intensity is created in our lives. Instead of just fighting for our survival, we have energy again for the unfolding of our consciousness and the search for our destiny.

 „My books, CDs and Consciousness Exercises
are meant as a tool,
to free our unconscious potential.“