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Elisabeth Westermann | Duration: 61 Minutes | Category: Dao-Tha Soundcode Academy - Chants and Songs



Healing in the universal field of love – Specific Soundcodes added to the music

This recording is intended to convey healing information to body, soul and spirit in a state of deep relaxation, which can be a help for self-help on all levels of being – physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The direction of the Soundcodes can be physical-energetic, psychological-energetic or spiritual-energetic. In any case, the information is specific and can anchor itself deeply in the system in order to have a healing effect from there. Soundcodes are powerful instruments of self-regulation. Therefore, it makes sense to choose individual tracks and not listen to all of them one after the other. Working with headphones can also help.

This recording consists of music – in the foreground – partly with harp and vocals, partly with other instruments, also crystal singing bowls and vocals. In additon on every track you will find specific Dao-Tha Soundcodes on various topics in the field of love.

Note: This recording is a new edition of the earlier double CD “Discover the female energy”.


Elisabeth Westermann is a natural scientist and spiritual teacher, singer, psychological consultant, music therapist, health coach, animal HP and developed the Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapy in 2011. Her CDs are the result of many years of research into the healing, harmonizing, balancing and energy-increasing effects of singing and specific tone sequences, which she calls Soundcodes.

She founded the Dao-Tha Soundcode Academy ( There she passes on what she has learned and researched in training courses, seminars and advanced training courses.

Elisabeth Westermann: “The Soundcodes themselves changed my voice. I involuntarily sing in the 432hz basic tuning and with natural overtone series (this is called solfeggio frequencies) in the intervals. This is done automatically by those I train as well. Fascinating how the Soundcodes work!”


Title including some audio samples:

1. Prepared for bring healed

2. To become while again

3. There is no guilt

4. Mother Divine

5. Find peace with you parents

6. Let your Heart be healed

7. Refrain inner freedom

8. Harmony in the family

9. Come back to your inner shelter

10. Who am I?

11. Tvameva

12. Invite abundance on all levels

13. Letting go totally

14. Open yourself for the joy of living

15. Healing your relationships


Important NOTE:
The effects of the sound patterns and / or the Soundcodes that are stored in these recordings are lost through compression or transcoding (such as MP3, WMA, AAC). The compression cuts out frequency ranges that are inaudible to our ears. For the optimal success of these recordings, we recommend the use of headphones, because this is the only way to make sense of the sound patterns and the Soundcodes.